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Hi, I'm Abi!

I work in the Halifax Peninsular Area.

I recently graduated from Dalhousie with a double major in biology and sociology. I have really enjoyed my time at school and am hoping to go back to take the pharmacy program in the near future but first I am taking some time off to reignite my passion for academia and take some time for myself. I have always loved babysitting and entertaining kids. I’ve been formally babysitting from around age 12 and informally, I’ve been on ‘kid duty’ at family events for as long as I can remember. Additionally, I spent a lot of time doing respite work over the past few years where I looked after three young kids with various health needs. This work taught me the importance of schedules, development specific activities, as well as how to guide children through transitions and help them through big emotions (not to mention providing me with an extensive knowledge of Bluey and Thomas the Train). Aside from this, it was also just incredibly fulfilling to be a part of the growth and development of the little ones I was watching and it was very fun work! I have quite a wide ranging repertoire of hobbies but these days I spend most of my free time reading, sewing, baking, running, and I have recently picked up crochet! I look forward to meeting your family and working with you!

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