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Hi, I'm Ali!

I work on the Dartmouth Side.

Professionally, I am a Developmental Service Worker with over 15 years of experience in healthcare and with children, including those with complex needs. Personally, I strongly believe that laughter is the truest medicine of life. I love bringing joy and laughter into everything I do. I have always honoured the inner child as I truly believe it is our deepest roots, and is the key to happiness. I grew up in a home full of love and music and continue to carry those into my adult life. You will always find me among friends and nature. I love creating through crafts, writing and art and however else the right brain desires to shine through. And while I will always bring joy and fun into every relationship I make, I know when to be assertive, serious, honest and respectful. I look forward to meeting you and your loved ones and to build incredible relationships with you all.

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