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Hi, I'm Ava!

I work throughout Halifax Peninsula

I hail from Toronto, Ontario, and currently pursuing my studies in Early Childhood Education while serving as a substitute at Halifax Early Learning and Development Centre. My passion for nurturing young minds is evident in my extensive experience working with children of all ages, coupled with years of babysitting since the age of 12.

My enthusiasm for creating enriching experiences for children extends beyond the classroom. I derive great pleasure in crafting engaging activities tailored to their interests, fostering creativity, and igniting a love for learning. From organizing storytelling sessions to embarking on dynamic adventures, I am committed to cultivating an environment where children thrive.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I find solace in the enchanting world of Disney movies, with a repertoire spanning from classics like Beauty and the Beast to modern favourites like Frozen. I am also an advocate for outdoor exploration, believing that with the right gear, there's no such thing as bad weather.

Eager to expand my horizons and forge meaningful connections with families in Halifax, I look forward to the opportunity to contribute positively to the lives of the children I encounter.

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