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Hi, I'm Bo!

I work in Halifax peninsula.

I'm from New York originally and I am here in Halifax attending Dalhousie University, doing a history major with an art history certificate. I have been working as a summer counselor and a babysitter since I was a teen. My passion in my own life comes from the arts, and I find integrating that with my childcare work to be so fulfilling. Creative outlets are so important for development at any ages - kids especially, but for us adults too! I love prioritizing any kinds of activities that really get kids' creativity going, but I also love to meet them where they're at. I'm a nerd at heart, so if you've got a kiddo that loves games or cartoons or anything of that ilk, I will be your lightning rod! In my eyes, letting kids be their unapologetic silly selves is such a vital part of their developing confidence. I look forward to working with you!

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