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Hi, I'm Brooke!

I work on the Halifax Peninsula.

I’m currently attending Saint Mary’s University taking psychology as my major. My dream career is to be a child psychologist once I’m finished my degree. Growing up, I always felt my purpose was to help others. I’ve babysat many times over the years for various family friends as well as a few other people that I met along the way. I’ve always had a love for children and a passion to help them learn, grow, have fun and put a smile on their faces in any way that I can. I also have a love for animals of all types and sizes and lots of experience caring for them! My interests include baking, watching Disney movies, having fun in the sun, playing outdoor games, arts and crafts, helping with homework, playing games such as hide and seek and much more! If you’re looking for a fun babysitter who’s goal is always to ensure safety while making sure everyone has a fun time, you’ve got your girl!

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