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Hi, I'm Haley!

I work throughout HRM.

I am currently enrolled at Mount Saint Vincent University, pursuing a degree in the Child and Youth Study Program. My passion for nurturing and guiding children began in my early years, under the loving care of my nanny, Marg, who was not only a foster parent but, at one point, mine as well. This childhood experience instilled in me a deep affection for childcare and a strong desire to foster the growth of young minds.

My enthusiasm for working with children is complemented by my love for art and a dedication to enriching their lives through creative experiences. I find great joy in teaching the children I care for how to express themselves through arts and crafts, as well as in the delightful chaos of building forts, engaging in physical activities, and fostering a playful spirit. Equally, I cherish the serene moments of just being with the children, creating a safe and comforting environment for them to relax and explore their thoughts.

Looking forward, my aspiration is to become an elementary school teacher after completing my education. Working with children has become an intrinsic and significant part of my life, and I am committed to making a positive impact on their development and learning journeys.

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