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Hi, I'm Izzy!

I work in Fredericton.

I'm a second-year student at St. Thomas University, majoring in history and environmental studies. I've been working with kids since I was 12 and it's been a blast! For the past five summers, I have been a cabin leader and lead tons of cool games. activities, and silly campfire songs. I have seen it all as a cabin leader the last five summers. Whether it's toddlers or teens, I'm totally confortable with all ages. I'm also super supportive of kids with special needs or unique challenges. Crafts and creativity is my jam! My imagination knows no bounds, and I just love exploring the endless activities in the great outdoors. What makes babysitting a joy for me is those silly and fun kids! Watching them use their imagination and creativity is pure joy! So, let's dive into my magical bag filled with fun games, silly songs, creative crafts, and a whole lot of love for the outdoors in every babysitting adventure! Let's have a blast together!

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