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Hi, I'm James!

I work on the Halifax Side.

I graduated from Dalhousie University in 2018 with a degree in Theatre Studies. I have a passion for writing and creating art. I am currently studying for my ECE Level 1. I've been working as a substitute teacher at the Halifax Early Learning and Developmental Centre. A daycare that focuses on children with specialized needs. It has truly been one of the best jobs I have ever worked at. I've worked with children from six months to 10 years old Like children, I am Dinosaur obsessed! If you have a child that is a Dinosaur mega fan, I am more than happy to teach and partake in Dinosaur-related activities. I am also a big bird and reptile person as well. I am also an avid Pokémon fan, and if your child is passionate about the Pokémon trading card game, I'd be more than happy to teach them how to play. Mr. Rogers is a huge inspiration in my life. His work in child care, and making sure any child has a voice that is respected is something I hold ever so dearly to my heart.

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