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Hi, I'm Lynn!

I work throughout HRM.

I am a student at Dalhousie. I run track and Field at Dal and have always grown up playing sports. I am the oldest of 3 in my family, and have always grown up as the oldest cousin. This is where my passion for kids started from.
My experience in childcare involves camp counselling at Banook Canoe Club as well as a childcare provider at a local sports facility, where I was responsible for children while their caregiver(s) were working out, swimming, etc. At this job I got the
opportunity to work with all different types of children from ages 6 months to 10 years of age. As well, I have experience with all different types of pets and animals. At home I have 2 kittens but I also make an effort to volunteer at the SPCA to walk the foster
dogs. Besides from work I enjoy spending time at the beach, hiking, and overall being outside as much as possible.

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