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Hi, I'm Nika!

I work within the Halifax Peninsula.
**Please note I am allergic to cats.

I'm an enthusiastic and responsible fourth-year Kinesiology student at Dalhousie University, deeply rooted in a large, tightly-knit family environment teeming with younger cousins. With a diverse background spanning from circus school instruction to leadership roles in summer camps and childcare, I've honed a philosophy centered on nurturing curiosity, fostering creativity, and encouraging play.

As a dedicated rowing athlete and outdoor aficionado, I hold a profound belief in the transformative power of nature for children. Whether we're meandering through forest trails, indulging in picnics at local parks, or simply reveling in backyard adventures, I'm committed to sharing my passion for the outdoors with young minds.

Beyond nature's embrace, I find joy in baking, exploring arts and crafts, and diving into engaging board games. Proficient in the kitchen, I specialize in crafting nutritious, homemade meals and snacks. My adeptness in handling challenges with a composed and empathetic approach has garnered the trust and appreciation of many parents.

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