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Hi, I'm Taylor!

I work in the Halifax Peninsula area.

I am a first year university student at University of King's College and new to Halifax. Out of 18 grand children I am the fourth oldest so I have a lot of experience with little ones, new born to 15 years old. As a kid at heart I love to play dress up, build lego, sing and dance to Taylor Swift, do arts and crafts and bake. When it’s time to relax my go to favourite kids' entertainment are Bluey, Frozen and Encanto. I also love a good Mario Kart race or a fun Minecraft gameplay. Growing up I had the wonderful experience of being put into a French school so I am fluent in both English and French. As an older sister I was the designated tutor of the house so I am more than happy to help your little ones with any school work! As someone who grew up on a funny farm I know how to take care of cats, big dogs, turkeys and even pigs! If it’s help with kids and animals that you need, I do not mind! I look forward to meeting you and your little ones!

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