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How to Book your Sitter:

Please select your desired length of booking and location below. We have a 3 hour minimum booking requirement, we charge by the hour and allow a 15 minute grace period at the end of your booking. Our sitters are paid 1.5x their hourly rate after 8 hours. If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment you will be charged the minimum 3 hours or 50% of the booking fee whichever is greater.

Each sitter is able to care for up to 3 children, if you have more children please ensure that you book two sitters for the same time.

If you have unique needs or require a sitter within 24 hours please email us at

Prior to your first booking please complete your family profile. This only needs to filled out once unless you have changes to let us know about. If your profile is not complete 24 hrs before your appointment, your appointment will be cancelled. ​

Your sitter will reach out to you if they require any further information.

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