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Our Commitment to Medically Complex and Neurodiverse Children and their Families

At Atlantic Babysitters Club we strive to be inclusive to all families, while also valuing the time and expertise that our child care providers bring to our company.


As such, we do feel our child care pro's should be paid at a higher rate when they are working with children who have a moderate to severe neurodiversity and/or medical complexities which require a higher level of expertise and care.


To support this initiative we will be taking away our profits in order to better pay our providers who work within this community.


We will also ask that you pay via e-transfer in order to cut back on overhead costs.


These measures will allow us to ensure our providers are paid well and able to continue supporting the neurodiverse and medically complex community.


At this time, we are only able to take on a limited number of families.


If, as a family you feel that you are able to pay at a higher rate, we would charge $30 per hour. This would allow us to be able to support more families who cannot meet the increased cost requirement.


Please contact us directly to discuss your unique situation.

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